The Guy

Armed with a journalism degree from the University of Illinois, I started LISTEN & LEARN, an educational multi-media company in 1977.  In 1990, I created BOOMERANG!, The Children’s AudioMagazine about Big Ideas. ( 
                BOOMERANG! -- a monthly audio series – is based on the premise that there should be no distinction between education and entertainment.  No radical statement here…  I simply know kids are curious creatures.  If we present content in palatable flavors, no topic or concept is too challenging. BOOMERANG! has regular segments covering current events, history, physics, geography, natural science. Each is presented in the context of a different storytelling device… by real kids.  There are also mysteries and “Weird Words” game shows, Powerful Moments and jokes. One of the more popular segments is “Schmave’s Elevator”.  This is pure storytelling… where I tell a tale about hope, or courage or bullies or persistence.  The stories take place in the early 60’s with my hometown Woodstock, Illinois as the backdrop But after you listen to a few, you’ll recognize they also take place today, in your own backyard. Schmave and kid detective, Tucker Jones, are popular components of my workshop presentations
               BOOMERANG! has won the ALA Notable Recording, The Educational Press Award for Excellence in News Reporting and been lauded by in media reviews by the likes of the LA Times, Washington Post and Parenting Magazine.  I live in La Honda with my daughters.