And thanks for checking us out! This site tells you almost everything you want to know about my series of story and expository writing workshops for kids. 

I use “story” as a handle instead of “creative writing” because these workshops focus on elements of story. There will be constant writing opportunities for kids who have the yearning.   Those who don’t  can simply enjoy a bath of words and images and stories.  That combination will nourish natural writers. The reluctant variety begin to see the pencil as a key -- not a door.   Between my pieces, and those that emerge from avid young writers in the workshops, critical elements of story begin to form in these curious brains.  Magical things happen.

Expository writing is a whole 'nother deal! But guess what?   It need not -- and should not -- be dry and boring to read or write.  The same magic that is contained in creative writing can find its way into factual essays.

In a nutshell? You can’t make kids write.  But you can inspire them to write. That’s what my workshops are all about.


I can blabber on about how cool these workshops are. But the proof is in the pudding.  Here is some pudding from a mother I heard  from at the end of March 2014.  Cupcake and Lightbulb are “code names” these two brothers took for themselves like all my students do:

Hi David,
A couple days ago, Cupcake came up to me and asked if he could write in his journal. Huh? Did I hear him correctly!!??
   I didn't even know where it was. After much searching we found it and dusted it off. He sat at the table and wrote for probably 45 minutes. He was thrilled to come read me his story with a huge smile on his face. I have to admit; I cried. First, because I thought his story was brilliant. (Trust me, I don't think I have ever said that about my kids writing, and to balance it out in case I sound prideful, his spelling and mechanics were beyond awful). Secondly, because he has always hated writing.
   Then came yesterday. Lightbulb was enthusiastically working on his assignment for your class. He stopped to say "I think I really like to write."   WHAAAAAT?  Followed by: "I just love my characters". He is relating to his story!  I stopped in my tracks. Two writer haters, in two days born again to writing. It is a miracle. A revival. I am stunned.
   You see, I didn't go into this with you, but both Cupcake and Lightbulb are dyslexic. Lightbulb is much more severe than Cupcake but nevertheless they both struggle. The mechanics and sludge that they have to plow through each time they write has been so wearing on them over the years. Their grammatical errors have kept them confined and frustrated. Then came your class....
  I just wanted to say a very large and heartfelt thank you for bringing something to life in my children that I didn't even think was in there to grow. I think the biggest impact on them has been your feedback to them personally. They both feel like you believe in them as writers and that has made a night and day difference. They approach writing with much more confidence because you have told them that their writing is good! Has value! Is improving! They can't wait to share it with the class (hello, huge hurdle, especially for Cupcake).
   Thank you, thank you, thank you for making my kids feel like they CAN DO IT! So different than the message they have been telling themselves over the years dealing with a learning disability.
You have made a difference in my children!!