More Bill Stories


 A billboard named you-know-what meets a ceiiing fan named Ornalyce (boy did we fight over that name) out along Rt 66 in the Arizona desert. This incredible tale stretches out 13 minutes because we couldn't stop!

This time Bill is a water pipe.  He’s not exactly the life of the party until he meets a coffee pot named Lila.  When destiny appears to separate these two friends, Lila takes matters into her own hands.
This story was the brainstorm of the bright young minds to the right.

The last session of the summer was our biggest. So when it came time to brainstorm our Bill story, kids had to learn when to jump in – and when to follow someone else’s lead. After all, at the end of the day it is about creating a stellar story. 
     This story is a great one. The pivotal turns are wondrous.  When we needed a 3rd character to liven things up, the walking stick was selected.  And this early skeptic turned into a believer.
Some days are challenging in this business.  But as I was laying music tracks I had written and produced over 30 years ago for another story – and they magically fell into
place – I realized, yes, magic is definitely the word.