Make it Happen

Eight-twelve week sessions are typically initiated by a home-schooler with contacts in a local homeschooling community. That means, someone knocks on my door with a number of interested families in a certain locale.  Then working together, we reach out to fill remaining spots.  Finding the time slot that works for all is a wee bit challenging... But Im pretty flexible so it’s up to you all.  Folks make it happen if they are truly interested.                    

To make a session affordable, I need 10-15  kids.  While some folks are concerned about “large’ classes, a Fremont class of 19 was one of my most successful.  Kids share and fuel each other’s enthusiasm about stories.  Sometimes I just have to get out of the way.
     I have one workshop session operating out of a church, and did one in the Redwood City library. But most of my workshops are hosted by a family which receives free tuition for their child.  
    My workshops began -- and flourish -- through the magic of WOM. I would appreciate it immensely if you passed this website URL around to your pals.  Thank you for your support and enthusiasm -- and for those wonderful writers you are nourishing.